Useful information for employers - FAQs

Are you looking for new employees and want more information on what you need to consider when recruiting potential workers? We have put together the most important answers for you: 

1. What prerequisites generally need to be met in order to employ a foreign worker?

Citizens coming from a non-EU country and who do not yet have a settlement or permanent residence permit which allows access to the Austrian labour market need a work permit for the employment market before starting employment. The Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) is responsible for this. The type of permit required depends on:

  • the type of activity
  • the length of the activity and
  • the required qualifications

Further information is available at and

Citizens coming to Austria from an EU-country do not need a work permit and have free access to the Austrian employment market. However, EU citizens wishing to stay in Austria for longer than three months need a registration certificate, which is issued by the Immigration, Citizenship and Registry Offices (municipal authority or district commission). 

The Economic Chambers have put together some information on integration of refugees into the labour market.

2. Does the education or training certificate or proof of qualification need to be formally recognised?

The Recognition Guide lets you know in just a few steps whether the relevant training certificate or evidence of qualification requires formal recognition. It also provides assistance in finding the right application office and gives further details on required or potential procedures. 

3. How is formal recognition linked to a work permit and residence in Austria?

Formal recognition in the sense of nostrification, validation or accreditation does not automatically lead to a permit for the labour market or valid status as a resident. The conditions for recruiting foreign employees as described in point 1 must be met in all cases.

4. How is classification carried out?

Which collective agreement is applicable to the employment relationship depends on which employers’ federation the employer belongs to. The recognition and appropriate remuneration is dependent on the individual work agreement between employer and employee. Depending on the collective agreement, it may be that corresponding certificates and other evidence of professional experience are necessary for the correct classification.

5. What procedures exist in Austria and what significance do they have?

Find out more about the different procedures for formal recognition on our service website.